Golden Spins Casino

Do you want a golden opportunity to play some of the best slots around? Do you know anything about the impressive array of slots on offer from Betsoft? You are about to experience all this and more if you give Golden Slots Casino a try.

We give you more ways to play, with no download needed – we only offer the best Flash games for instant play action whenever you want it most. With over 100 games to choose from, you’ve got the chance to experience Betsoft slots like never before. Are you going to find some new and intriguing games to play here? Try us and find out!

Play however you want to

Grab your tablet and try some games today. Or maybe your smartphone would be better. Our instant play casino is ready for enjoying across all devices with no downloads needed. No app, no delays, no complex rules to follow – just visit us and start playing!

New 3D slots, plenty of progressive jackpots, and more besides

Yep, you’re getting everything you could possibly want from Golden Spins. We offer you all the finest 3D slots from Betsoft, including the freshest ones just released. You won’t miss a thing if you visit us regularly. You can also check out all the progressive slots and jackpots we can offer, along with plenty more treats inside our slot selection:

  • Three-reel games
  • Five-reel games
  • 3D slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Bonus rounds
  • Free spins
  • Great prizes

Whatever you want, we’ve got it at Golden Spins Casino.

Vegas-style action across a wide selection of casino games

Our name might suggest we focus solely on slot games. We do promise you’ll get lots of slots to play, for sure, but that’s only part of the deal at Golden Spins Casino.

You’ve also got the opportunity to try some turbocharged poker and numerous other games too. So, if you’re curious and you want to wander into some other areas of our casino, be our guest.

Credit cards accepted for a fast and convenient deposit

We understand you want to make a quick deposit and get started with no delay. That’s why we offer you Visa and MasterCard deposits with no hassle. Check out our banking page to find out more.

We even offer the chance to take part in tournaments!

That’s not something every casino can offer. Here at Golden Spins Casino, you get the chance to try tournaments with up to $500,000 in prizes available across the prize pools. We even offer free tourneys if you want them (and we guess you do)!

With over 100 games on offer and dozens of weekly tournaments to enter, life is never dull at Golden Spins Casino.


Visa and MasterCard 100+ Games

  • Including New 3D Slots
  • More Ways to Play
  • Play on the Go
  • From your Mobile or Tablet
  • No Download Required
  • Play instantly
  • More Jackpots to Win
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • $500,000+ prize pool
  • Free Tournaments
  • 150+ Every Week
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Extra Prizes
  • Bonus Games
  • More Reels
  • More Lines
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Special Features
  • True Vegas Style Action
  • Easy to Learn
  • Incredibly Realistic
  • Play at your own pace
  • Turbocharged Poker
  • Play up to 50 hands
  • Double Up Bonus
  • Wild Royal Flush