Online Casino Tournaments

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Online casino gaming offers huge jackpots, surprise wins, and exciting gameplay all on its own. With tournaments, that excitement gets amped up even more.

Playing in tournaments allows you to test your skills against other players, while playing for a larger payout than a typical cash game. Below, we break down some of the more exciting online tournaments available here at Golden Spins.

How to Play Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments are the most popular tournaments in online gaming for a reason. Tournaments can be very small, with a pool as little as four players, or very large, with hundreds or even thousands playing for the same prize pool.

Here are three areas you should understand before playing in online poker tournaments.

1 – How Online Poker Tournaments Work

An online poker tournament is unlike a cash game, where players can come and go. In a tournament, all players must be pre-registered, and all action begins at the same time.

Unlike a cash game, players can’t buy in more than once in a tournament, with the exception of some tournament configurations which allow a brief rebuy period just after the tournament has started.

Each player gets a set number of chips at the beginning of the tournament, and plays until they have either lost all of their chips and “busted out” of the tournament. When only one player remains, with every chip in the tournament sitting in from of them, they tournament is over.

2 – Tournament Play and Stack Management

As a tournament progresses, the blinds will raise incrementally. As players run out of chips and are eliminated, the tournament will automatically move some players to other tables to balance the action.

When there are ten players left playing, the tournament will automatically move all players to the same table, known as the “final table.”

While playing, consider that the number value of the chips you have is only important relative to how many chips the other players have.

A player should always be conscious of how many chips they have compared to the leader’s total, as well as compared to how high the blinds are at that point in the tournament.

3 – Winning & Payouts

The tournament is complete once one player has all the available chips. The tournament’s prize pool is paid out to the top finishers in the tournament, in the reverse order that they were eliminated.

The amount of players who are paid out depends on the configuration of the tournament, but typically the top 10% of the field are paid out on a descending scale starting with the overall winner. Note that the players who make the final table do not always win part of the prize pool, depending on the size of the field.

How to Play Casino Slot Tournaments

Online slot tournaments are not as complex as online poker tournaments, but they are nonetheless just as fun and feature as many big payouts.

To get started, read through the basic details you need to understand to play online slot tournaments at Golden Spins.

1 – How Online Slot Tournaments Work

In online slot tournaments, as with online poker tournaments, the primary difference between regular play and tournament play is the number of players.

In a tournament, rather than playing a slot game by yourself, you are set up to compete against many others for a prize pool that each player contributes to before play begins.

At the beginning of a slot tournament, players are given a casino game and a specific amount of credits. All players receive the same amount of time and the same amount of credits. The player with the most credits at the end of the playing period wins.

2 – Tournament Play

The casino games work the same way they normally do, only now instead of being able to count your winnings as you go, you are being ranked against other players.

While speed is important, the primary focus for players is making sure to complete all the spins within the allotted time. As the tournament is being played, you will be able to check in with where you are in relation to other players in the tournament by looking at the standings, which update regularly.

3 – Winning and Payouts

As with online poker tournaments, online slot tournaments are paid out in descending order according to the pre-established payment breakdown. The player with the most credits at the end of the playing time earns the largest cut of the prize pool, the second most successful player receives the second most, and so on.

Now that you’ve read through the basics of tournaments, get in there and start winning with Golden Spins!