Online Keno

Keno is one of the common casinos games out there. So much so that you will often see Keno in bars or other establishments outside of casinos. Still, it is online Keno that allows you to enjoy this entertaining game from the comfort of your own home.

For a full breakdown of everything you need to know to start playing (and winning at) online Keno, read on.

Tips to Playing Online Keno

Where to Play Online Keno

Before playing any online casino game, it’s critical that you pick a great online casino. With thousands to choose from, remember that the risks can be significant if you do not ensure the online casino you are considering offers a secure cashier for deposits and withdraws, a fair play guarantee, and an easy-to-use interface.

Thankfully, Golden Spins provides all three. To get started playing Keno with the industry’s best online casino, register at Golden Spins. Our sign up process is easy and takes mere seconds. Once you have, you’ll be all set to get into the online Keno action.

How to Play

Start by selecting your wager. On the side of the Keno screen, you will see different denomination options. Pick the one that is best for your bankroll.

Keno, just like Roulette, is all about picking your numbers. The goal of Keno is to correctly predict which of the 80 numbers, 1-80, will be drawn at random on the Keno board each round.

Before a round begins, pick between 1 and 15 numbers. The wager remains the same regardless of how many numbers you select.

There is no advantage to picking some numbers over others. If you prefer to bet on a completely random card, you can click Quick Pick, which will select 10 numbers for you.

When you’ve selected all the numbers you want on your card for that round, click Play. The game will select 20 numbers from the board at random, and tally the amount of correct picks, or Hits, you had in that round.

Once all the numbers are on the board, the amount of credits you have won on that round will be displayed near your bank roll. Simple as that!

If you’d like to play another round, or multiple rounds, with the same numbers you picked previously, you can click Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10 depending on how many rounds you want to play with the same numbers at the same wager denomination.

And with that, you’re all set!

As one of the simplest games in the casino, online Keno can also be the most fun. Get in on the action today and play online Keno at Golden Spins today!