Cash Back

Golden Spins Casino

Cash Back is our way of rewarding your loyalty. Every time you make a real money bet you will automatically be given Comp Points. When you have accumulated enough Comp Points, you can redeem those points for Real Money or Free Money Bonuses.

How to earn Comp Points?

You earn Comp Points every time you make a bet. The amount of Comp Points you are awarded depends on what game you play. For example, if you bet $1 on Wild Sushi Slots you will earn 6 Comp Points. For a full listing click here.

How to redeem Comp Points for Cash Back?

Select either ‘Free Money Bonus’ or ‘Real Money Cash’ below and select the amount of Comp Points you’d like to redeem. Your account will be credited right away. Learn the difference between ‘Free Money’ and ‘Real Money’ Bonuses here.

What are Big Wheel'O'Free Money Spins?

The Big Wheel'O'Free Money awards Free Money prizes of up to $30 per spin. If you have spins in your account you will be prompted to spin the wheel when you load the flash casino client. If you are already logged in you will need to close the window and load it again. Learn more here.