Learn How to Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and playing online game allows you to win big from the comfort of your own home.

Blackjack also offers some of the best odds in all of gaming. Read on to learn the basics of this classic game and start cashing in on blackjack tables with Golden Spins.

The Basics of Playing Online Blackjack

Game Set Up

In blackjack, each player is dealt two cards, as is the dealer. All cards are dealt face up except for one of the Dealer’s, which is left face down.

Jacks, Queens, and Kings count for 10. Cards 2 to 10 count for their face value. Aces count either as 11 or 1, whichever is more advantageous to the player. Suits are irrelevant in blackjack.

The object of the game of blackjack is for a player’s hand to count for as close to 21 as possible without going over, while also having more points than the Dealer. If a hand adds up to 21 with just two cards, the player with that hand “has blackjack.”

If a player’s hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s when all the cards are played, the player wins.

If a player is tied with the Dealer, or has fewer points than the dealer, or has more than 21 points at the end of the hand, the player loses.

If a player is dealt 21 in their first two cards, they win automatically.

If both the player and the Dealer have 21 points with multiple cards, the player wins.

If the player’s hand adds up to more than 21, they lose. If the Dealer’s hand adds up to more than 21, and the player’s is 21 or less, the player wins.

Blackjack Rules

A blackjack hand begins with players placing their bets. To place a bet, simply click the denomination that you wish to bet on the upcoming hand.

Once the bets are confirmed, the cards are dealt. In each hand, a player has four basic options:

**Hit **– Take another card.

  • **Stand **– Refuse more cards and stand pat with your current score.
  • **Double **– Double your wager and take one more card.
  • **Surrender **– Forfeit the hand and keep half your wager.

Certain hands can give players other options.

  • **Split **– If a player is dealt two cards of the same value (for example, a Queen and a 10), they may Split, meaning their hand is split into two hands. Two aces may only be split once – if a split hand receives another ace, it may not be split again.

  • When a player splits, each hand requires a full bet at the same stake. If $5 was wagered on the initial hand, splitting means a player has now wagered a total of $10 split over two hands, each of which comes with all the possible outcomes of any single hand.

    **Insurance **– If the Dealer is showing an ace, the player is offered an additional bet called Insurance. Insurance costs half of the original bet, and if the Dealer’s other card gives the Dealer blackjack, the house pays the insurance bet at 2 to 1. If the Dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the insurance bet is lost, and the hand is settled by comparing the Dealer’s hand and the player’s hand.

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